Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hiking the outer, lower trails of Pisgah

Mt Pisgah outer trails

View from the summit:

Most people prefer to hike to the summit of Mt Pisgah.  I prefer to do the secondary trails.
  • I am lazy
  • the summit climb takes lots of energy
  • it is a road and not a trail
  • it is the most crowded and most popular trail

I prefer to walk from the main entrance to the north entrance using the Theodore Trail, #17, and then taking the #3 trail back to the main trail.  The distance is about the same as going to the summit and is about 3/4 of the accumulated ascent.  The advantage (for me) is it is on dirt paths and much of it is in the shade.  It is also less traveled.

A Strava Map representation of my walk.  It includes the elevation profile and the path.  The hike was a bit over 3 miles which is about the same as going to the summit and returning.  (It is good to always return from a hike.)

Pictures from the Theodore trail:

start of Theodore trail

View of Spencer's Butte from trail #7 (on the way to the North Entrance)
Poison Oak along the path

Views from the #3 trail:

shady section of the #3 trail after leaving the North Entrance

View from the Swing Trail looking toward the south on the #3 trail

Poison Oak farm on the main path (there is no escaping it)
stay on the trail
I return from the hike refreshed and ready for the rest of my day.

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  1. Great photo essay, Dale!
    My favorite Pisgah routes are from the Pleasant Hill trailhead. I often don't make it to the top because I get so distracted by flowers, crystals, vistas and birds. I love seeing a favorite place through your eyes!