Wednesday, July 9, 2014

introducing me for the ds106 class

 My name is Dale Schaper.  I am a retired Electronics Instructor from Lane Community College.  Previous to that I was a design engineer for Hewlett Packard in San Diego, Ca.

As you can observe from the picture above, I enjoy bicycle riding.

For passive activities:  I enjoy using GPS and GIS technology to create maps of my hikes and bike rides.  Thanks to Lynn Songer and her GIS curriculum, I was able to map hiking trails for the US Forest Service as a cooperative education project. (I do not believe they ever used the maps.)

I also enjoy making videos using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements.    My goal is to have the videos be less than three minutes in length (that is my attention span!)  Here are three of them:

the first is creating 'animation' using Ty the Titan, the LCC mascot and his alter ego  bobblehead

scenes of LCC and Ty the Titan

the second video is of cyclocross bike racing.  It was at Camp Harlow in Eugene, Oregon a few of Thanksgiving's ago

cyclocross racing

and the third is a hike to Green Lakes on the Cascade Lakes Hwy.  If you enjoy hiking and have never done this hike then it should be on your 'to do' list.

green lakes hike

This is a small window of who I am.


  1. Thank you for sharing some of your videos. I particularly liked Green Lakes. I want to go hiking now, right now.

  2. Dale,
    I can't tell if the first comment went ton you to be approved or if it actually disappeared into Nowhereland! I said I really esp. enjoy hiking/kayaking/day tripping videos because they are so good-natured and always show me either new or familiar country. I liked the mix of music and ambient sound.
    Good job setting up a blog and aggregating it to the DS 106 site.
    Is a Daily Create in your future?
    Or a photo/text story?